what if one box could

Save Two Lives?

A Love Box is gifted to single young women who may be considering abortion. Each box has a personal invitation to a church-hosted support group, a letter of hope, a journal with writing prompts encouraging her to be fearless, a ‘Best Gift Ever’ onesie, and A Bump in Life book that includes testimonies that offer single and pregnant moms hope.

What I loved was the journal, it gave me something to think about... but the whole love box was my favorite. When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t want to have my baby, but after opening it and seeing all the gifts, I started to change my mind. The book gave me so much hope…

Jana, Single Mom Who Received a Love Box

Know a single and expecting mom?

Help Her Be Brave

At Embrace Grace, Inc., we want to help her not only choose life for her baby, but to be brave and step foot inside of a church for love and support when she otherwise would not because of fear and shame.

host a

Share the Love Party

Rally your church members and friends to build Love Boxes at a Share the Love Event! We ship the items to you unassembled (minimum order of 20) and include planning tips for your event! After the party, drop off the Love Boxes to a local pregnancy center to be gifted to single and pregnant moms!

Write a

Letter of Hope

Download our “Dear Brave Girl” letter template and help us encourage each single and pregnant mom who receives a Love Box! Write a few letters yourself or use this as an outreach project for your small group. Once you are finished, mail them to Embrace Grace Headquarters!

how we partner with

Pregnancy Centers

We distribute FREE Love Boxes to Pregnancy Centers that have an Embrace Grace support group at a church nearby. They are then gifted by the Pregnancy Center team to single and pregnant clients as an invitation to join one of the 700+ support groups across the nation.

Learn how we can partner with your Pregnancy Center.