Robert Morris

Robert MorrisSenior Pastor of Gateway Church, Author of "The Blessed Life"

I highly recommend Embrace Grace to every pastor who desires an effective way to reach the community!

Kari Jobe Carnes

Kari Jobe CarnesGrammy Award Artist

Embrace Grace ministry is just stunning and absolutely amazing. My mom was encouraged to abort her first baby due to major health concerns, she chose life. I am glad she did cause I wouldn’t have been able to be born and live out the calling God has on my life. Wherever you find your story- hold onto Jesus and trust that He’ll walk you through this season because the little life inside of you wants to impact this world for Jesus.

Kirk & Tammy Franklin

Kirk & Tammy FranklinGrammy Award Winning Artist, Author

We are so excited to see what Embrace Grace is doing across the country. Amy saw a need to nurture young mothers and is facing it head on … just beautiful.

Patricia Heaton

Patricia HeatonActress

Amy Ford and Embrace Grace truly live out the gospel through their love and compassionate care of women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. They are a model for all churches on how to share God’s grace and support, encourage and empower new mothers.

Bob Goff

Bob Goff Author of Love Does & Everybody Always

Embrace Grace is full of people who love these young moms and see who they’re becoming.

Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Tony EvansPastor and Best-Selling Author

What impresses me most about Embrace Grace is its local connection. It’s not trying to be the church. And that’s connection—using God’s central institution and facilitating it to be a hospital. Last time I checked, at a hospital sick folks are welcome... A hospital is to try to take your brokenness and repair you… The idea is to make you better. This ministry empowers and equips the church to be the church to make these young ladies better.

Lisa Bevere

Lisa BevereCo-Founder of Messenger Intl, Author and Speaker

I love what Embrace Grace is doing! They are wrapping these girls in the arms of community!

Jim Daly

Jim DalyPresident, Focus on the Family

There are close to 300,000 churches in America and every one should have an Embrace Grace group.

Michael Jr.

Michael Jr. Author, Comedian

Every church and person should give space to Embrace Grace… plus I like how their name rhymes.

Glenn Beck

Glenn BeckTruthseeker, Radio Talk Show, Journalist

Amy Ford is actually really truly changing the Pro-Life movement.

James Robison

James Robison Author, Host of Life Today Show

Every church should reach out and Embrace Grace. This program should go all over the country and the world.

Missy Robertson

Missy RobertsonDuck Dynasty, Speaker & Author

Embrace Grace has proven to be a wonderful opportunity to pregnant girls to find not just a safe haven for her and her unborn baby until the baby is born but long after as well. Here, she can experience what true love really is, the love that comes from a Savior who gave up everything for her. Here, she learns that Jesus is for her, not against her. Here she finds forgiveness and healing from caring people who will help guide her and surround her with compassion, love and hope.

Kris Vallotton

Kris VallottonSenior Assoc. Leader of Bethel Church, Author of The Supernatural Ways of Royalty

The Embrace Grace team exemplify the hands of Jesus reaching out to a broken world, pointing them back to the arms of their heavenly Father. Embrace Grace is a beautiful ministry to single women who find themselves pregnant and alone. I personally have never before heard of such a loving ministry to this group of people who are largely ignored by the church. Through this program, these women are celebrated for their sacrifice and the courage it takes bringing their babies into the world, instead of taking the "easy way" out. It's amazing the way shame is destroyed through their ministry, while simultaneously teaching these ladies how to live a virtuous life. I highly recommend this ministry to anyone who finds themselves unexpectedly expecting.

Dan Dean

Dan DeanLead Pastor of Heartland Church, Lead Singer of Phillips, Craig & Dean

Embrace Grace offers hope and unconditional love to those who walk the journey of having an unplanned pregnancy. They provide encouragement in the waiting. They give escape from shame and guilt of unplanned miracles of grace. And they provide comfort to parents who feel guilt and pain as well.

Joni Lamb

Joni LambCo-Founder & Vice-President of Daystar Television Network

I applaud Amy Ford and the work she is doing with Embrace Grace. A Bump in Life will be a tool to penetrate the darkness and light the pathway for young women to experience God’s beautiful peace and restoration.

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin SorboActor, Speaker

Embrace Grace is a God send to a world fallen from grace. The work that they do is truly a gift to those who are scared and alone and feel like they have no place to turn. The support and care they offer women is above and beyond what any organization does to help those in need. God bless Embrace Grace!

Rob Peabody

Rob PeabodyCo-Founder of Awaken Movement, Author

Amy Ford and Embrace Grace are tangibly being Jesus to new mothers in their greatest time of need. They are paving the way and equipping the church to initiate in love, and this is something we desperately need. I love this ministry and these women's hearts!