Unplanned Pregnancy Support Group in Chapel Hill

Unplanned Pregnancy Support Group in Chapel Hill, NC

Support groups for unexpectedly pregnant women save lives in many ways! Every mom deserves love, support, and empowering encouragement, along with resources she can use to make positive decisions for her and her baby. That’s where Embrace Grace comes in. We proudly provide this unplanned pregnancy support group to give single and pregnant mothers and their babies what they need to thrive in God’s love: hope. We know how an unplanned pregnancy can change everything, but we believe in the power of love and support. Being a part of a support group reduces stress and anxiety for the mother and opens the door to valuable people and information about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Embrace Grace helps moms feel empowered and in control of their pregnancies by surrounding them with the supportive love of other women who have had similar experiences. In these support groups, women learn powerful coping mechanisms and form new friendships that can last a lifetime. We help women overcome the obstacles and challenges that can come with unintended pregnancies and rise above that risk. Our Embrace Grace single mom support group in Chapel Hill changes lives for the better — two at a time!

Loving Support for Pregnant Moms in Chapel Hill

The idea of going through an unplanned pregnancy and birth can be scary for many women. With meetings at Calvary Chapel, members of our pregnancy support group in Chapel Hill can be discipled and loved as they deserve.

How to Join Embrace Grace Unplanned Pregnancy Support Group in Chapel Hill

The Embrace Grace support group for single pregnant women meets every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at Calvary Chapel. The church’s address is 1129 Weaver Dairy Road in Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining or learning more about the support group, reach out to Eileen Francis, who leads the group in Chapel Hill. Eileen can be reached by email at eileenfabc123@yahoo.com or by phone at (919) 621-1217.

About Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace was founded to equip the church to inspire, encourage, and heal single and pregnant women and their families. Our support groups lift women and their children up, giving them the courage, resources, and support system they need to beat the odds.

We outfit churches to help single pregnant women challenge their fears and build resistance to the risks and struggles unplanned pregnancies can create. We are a pro-life support group organization that exists to help create safe spaces at church where single pregnant moms facing an unplanned pregnancy can find the courage to hope.