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Single Dad Support Groups

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Providing Help for Single Fathers

Get Support. Be empowered. Create a new legacy. Meet other dads in a judgment-free community of men who want to help you reach your goals. The manliest thing you can do is fight to be the father you always wanted or hoped to be … but you don’t have to fight alone.

Support Group For Single Dads

Are you driven to make a transformative impact on the lives of single fathers in your community? The idea of initiating a support group for single dads is now within reach! Launching is straightforward, with no initial costs, membership charges, or yearly fees. Once your complimentary Agreement Form is approved, you can access and purchase essential group materials, ensuring every single father gets the support they need to excel in their journey to become a better father.



My dad was a pastor who cheated on my mom. She committed suicide and then he died of cancer. This is my reality; the life I was born into. Statistically speaking, I should be a cheater, in jail, strung out on drugs, an absentee father, abuser, etc… But the overwhelming and undeserved grace of Jesus Christ picked me up in my darkest hours and carried me in a way I can only describe as divine.

Benefits of Joining a Single Dad Support Group

Joining a support group, especially one tailored for single dads, offers many benefits. Here's why every single father should consider being part of such a community:

  • Emotional Support: Being a single dad can sometimes feel overwhelming. Support groups provide a safe space where single fathers can share their feelings, challenges, and triumphs, ensuring that no dad feels alone in his journey.
  • Shared Child Care Insights: Discuss and learn about effective child care techniques. From balancing work and parenting to handling the unique needs of kids, these groups offer practical advice.
  • Building New Friendships: Connect with other single dads and single fathers who understand your journey. These new friendships can lead to a common bond, offering emotional and practical support.
  • Navigating Societal Assumptions: Often, people assume certain roles and responsibilities for fathers. In these groups, single dads can discuss and find ways to navigate and challenge these assumptions.
  • Learning from Other Dads: Whether it's about child care, balancing work, or just life as a single parent, there's a wealth of knowledge to be gained from other fathers who've been in similar situations.
  • Creating a Stable Community: Beyond just emotional support, these groups often evolve into a stable community where single dads can rely on each other for various needs, from child care help to advice on personal matters.
  • Empowerment and Growth: Being part of a supportive community can empower single dads to become better fathers. The group setting encourages personal growth, understanding, and the development of supportive relationships.
  • Resource Sharing: Support groups often become a hub for sharing valuable resources, from books on parenting to recommendations for child-friendly activities.

By understanding and tapping into these benefits, single dads can find the strength, resources, and community they need to thrive in their important role as fathers.

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Children are undeniably God's most profound blessings. While it might be challenging to see it now, with time, you may recognize that your child is the most invaluable treasure in your life. Embracing fatherhood, especially as a single dad, is a testament to your dedication.

Know that a divine Father is always there to guide and show you the way in this journey. Join a group today, create new friendships, and find emotional support among other dads who understand your unique needs. These connections can provide you with the strength and wisdom to navigate the challenges and joys of parenting.

Ready To Start A Support Group?

Eager to channel your passion constructively? Launch a group in your church or introduce the Embrace Legacy initiative to a friend who might be interested. Every dad, irrespective of his situation, deserves a supportive community. No father should navigate the challenges of single parenting alone. Remember, in our community. No, Dad walks alone.