Single Dad Support Group in Chapel Hill

For Single Dads

Meetings are held at: P.O. Box 584 Chapel Hill, Tennessee 37034

On Tuesday at 6:00 PM

Led by Corey Leverette (931) 205-2690

Balancing children with work, social lives, and other responsibilities is challenging for single fathers. But the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! You can find the support you need at Embrace Legacy, a single dad support group in Chapel Hill that meets at The Refuge Church every Tuesday evening. Embrace Legacy aims to help you face the challenges of being a single father. You’ll be lifted up by other dads who know what you’re going through, empowering you to make the best choices for yourself and your children — no matter what comes your way.

The Benefits of Joining Our Support Group for Single Dads

Single fathers face many challenges, including custody battles, the stress of juggling parenting duties, and the lack of time for a social life. However, these challenges can be best managed when you’re supported by others who have been in the same boat. The benefits of joining Embrace Legacy’s single-father group include:

  • Being a part of a supportive group that empowers, validates, and strengthens members
  • Having a safe space to share thoughts, frustrations, successes, and fears
  • Strengthening your resolve as other fathers help you and you help them
  • Gaining access to a wealth of information from men in similar situations
  • Building your confidence in your ability to be the father your kids need

While a support group might seem like just another thing to add to your calendar and drain your social battery, the help you can receive from a support group is unparalleled. It may just be the best thing you can do for yourself and your children.

How to Join Embrace Legacy Single Dad Support Group in Chapel Hill

The Embrace Legacy support group for single fathers meets each Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at The Refuge Church in Chapel Hill, TN. Our group is led by Corey Leverette, and you’ll find us at 311 N. Horton Parkway. We invite all single fathers to find the support they’ve been missing and to give support to other dads.

About The Refuge

The Refuge is a friendly, welcoming church full of people who support each other and are unified through their faith in Christ. As a non-denominational church, community members of all backgrounds come to the church for support and love. We honor the loving environment of the church and extend it to single fathers who need it.

About Embrace Legacy

Embrace Legacy’s goal is to help fathers walk in purpose and strength for their children and provide a safe place of belonging where like-minded dads can gather. There are no membership fees, startup costs, or dues. Chris Capehart, a single father, started Embrace Legacy in 2015. He founded the organization knowing that other single fathers needed support and resources as much as he did. So if you or someone you know is a single dad looking for support, friendship, and resources to help you be the best father for your children, get involved with Embrace Legacy today.