How We Help Her Be Brave

Genius idea from God turned non-profit, Embrace Grace, Inc. officially launched to equip churches on how to love and support the single and pregnant young women in their communities in 2012. Confirmation from heaven came when a complete stranger wrote a check to cover the start up fees.

Through our two discipleship programs, we have 700+ active support groups and 6,000+ women have been empowered to learn how to have hope again. Single moms have realized they can have their babies and their dreams, too. And we are really excited about our new launch of Embrace Legacy, a program for young single fathers.

The church has a powerful opportunity to be a catalyst of change in a woman’s life as well as broaden their community outreach to help moms be brave.


To inspire and equip the church to love on single and pregnant young women and their families.


For every girl with an unplanned pregnancy to have a church to go to for spiritual, emotional and physical support.

Our Impact

2020 Impact Report - 500px

2020 was a record-setting year! We are celebrating what God has done over the past year and want to share it with you. Take a look at our 2020 Impact Report that includes financials, statistics, new initiatives, and amazing miracles. Raise a Hallelujah with us!


Amy Ford

Founder + President

Jennifer Bellamy

Director of Groups

Jessica Russo

Director of Donor Relations

Monica Swanson

Sr. System Administrator

Susan Jones

Groups Coordinator

Megan Seidel

Event Strategist

Melissa Ansley

Project Manager

Madeline Martinez

Groups Coordinator

Wendi Jenkins

Groups Development Manager

Morgan Butler

Office Specialist

Mel Aulds

Public Relations Coordinator

Aidan Novalis

Content Marketing Strategist

Erika Porter

Outreach Coordinator

Nichole McKern

Executive Assistant

Hannah Morris

Donor Relations Manager

Brooklynn West

Graphic Designer

Support Team

Rachel Blanton

Group Development Team

Heather Lawless

Regional Rep, Pacific NW

Dawn Smith

Group Development Team + Regional Rep, Louisiana

Linda Schankowski

Group Development Team

Board of Directors

Eric Fellman

President, Ascent

Amy Ford

Founder + President

Samantha Golden

Pastor, Groups & Women - Gateway Church NFW

Shawn Ring

President, Avodah, Inc.

Tiffany Wheeless

Owner, Babe's Chicken

Brent Pennington

President, Charley's Concrete

Chris Capehart



Robert Morris Senior Pastor of Gateway Church, Author of "The Blessed Life"

I highly recommend Embrace Grace to every pastor who desires an effective way to reach the community!

Patricia Heaton, Actress

Amy Ford and Embrace Grace truly live out the gospel through their love and compassionate care of women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. They are a model for all churches on how to share God’s grace and support, encourage and empower new mothers.

Dr. Tony Evans Pastor and Best-Selling Author

What impresses me most about Embrace Grace is its local connection. It’s not trying to be the church. And that’s connection—using God’s central institution and facilitating it to be a hospital. Last time I checked, at a hospital sick folks are welcome... A hospital is to try to take your brokenness and repair you… The idea is to make you better. This ministry empowers and equips the church to be the church to make these young ladies better.

Kari Jobe Carnes Grammy Award Winning Artist

Embrace Grace ministry is just stunning and absolutely amazing. My mom was encouraged to abort her first baby due to major health concerns, she chose life. I am glad she did cause I wouldn’t have been able to be born and live out the calling God has on my life. Wherever you find your story- hold onto Jesus and trust that He’ll walk you through this season because the little life inside of you wants to impact this world for Jesus.