Dealing with Pregnancy Alone

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Many women dealing with pregnancy alone, especially when faced with unexpected pregnancies, need spiritual, practical, and emotional support. They need to know that others have been in their shoes and that there is hope; they are not alone. Embrace Grace exists to equip and inspire the church to be the source of the encouragement and love these women need to make it through pregnancy and embrace it. We close the gap between pregnancy assistance centers and churches. Our support groups for unplanned pregnancies provide the love and guidance churches and individuals need to help pregnant women have their babies and lives.

The Struggles of Being a Single Parent

Being a single parent is a unique experience for every person, each with their own struggles and strengths. Every day can feel unbearable when a single parent lacks physical and emotional support during pregnancy, and a lack of hope comes with difficult days. Without hope, parent and child can easily become lost in more ways than one. Some of the most common struggles of dealing with pregnancy alone or being a single parent include:

Guilt and shame

Financial strain

Fatigue, burnout, and sickness

Difficulty maintaining gainful employment

Lack of access to a quality healthcare provider


Low self-esteem physical health, completely normal

Battles with fear and depression

When a single parent or woman dealing with pregnancy alone has very little support, their burden grows; there is no one to share that burden. This is why support groups for unplanned pregnancy and single moms are so essential.

The Benefits of Joining a Support Group

A burden shared is a burden lightened, and such is the purpose of Embrace Grace's support groups for unplanned pregnancy. With support groups, single mothers and fathers are not left dealing with an unplanned pregnancy alone.

Single mothers with a support system experience less depression, fewer complications during pregnancy and childbirth, and greater access to an array of valuable pregnancy and parenting resources they wouldn't have otherwise.

People need people, and by joining a support group, women can meet and lean on other women just like them who have been in their shoes and are thriving now. Not only that, but women can bond with other women currently sharing similar experiences, too.

When women join support groups for unplanned pregnancy, they have a support system full of people who understand what they are going through, what they are feeling, and what they are facing. No one understands pregnant women better than other pregnant women!

With so many emotions accompanying pregnancy, from fear, frustration, and pain, to worry, love, and excitement, it’s vital that women can describe experiences to others with similar feelings and receive validation from people who truly understand and want to help.

Navigating the Emotional and Physical Journey of Pregnancy

For most moms-to-be, a positive pregnancy test brings a mix of emotions. Experiencing a whirlwind of feelings is normal, especially when facing an unplanned pregnancy. While some share the news with partners and family, others face the journey of an unplanned pregnancy alone. Pregnant women experience physical changes and emotional challenges, from prenatal depression to the stresses of single parenting. This can be especially tough without financial support or the prospect of child support.

However, support is available. Pregnancy clinics offer advice and healthcare; family members can provide emotional and physical support. Financial assistance options exist, ensuring the well-being of the mother and her unborn baby. For those considering adoption, resources guide the process.

When the baby arrives, challenges persist but so does support. Single parents can find community in support groups, sharing feelings and experiences. Every child's life is a blessing, and with a strong support system, women can navigate the complexities of motherhood.

Shanese’s Story

Shanese Brown found herself in Dallas, Texas, nine years ago without a home, a family, or friends. She also found herself pregnant. If you speak with her now, she will tell you, “My son saved my life, and he is why I dream big.” That wasn’t always the case, however. Her story follows: My “home” consisted of four doors and a steering wheel; every inch of it was stuffed with all my life’s belongings. The local homeless shelter could never provide the peace and comfort I sought. Despite landing a job at a local preschool and finding a place, my loneliness led me to date random guys and, eventually, to the local emergency room. A doctor changed my world forever as he looked at me and said, “You are pregnant.” I could feel every tiny bit of hope I had left in me disappear as fear replaced it all. Later, sitting in my car, tears streamed down my face as I searched for abortion clinics on my phone. As I sat alone and scared, I heard God say, “If you trust me, I will take care of you.” It was then that I made the decision to stop looking for abortion clinics. I would trust God. I also knew that I was going to need help. I found a local pregnancy care center and, with a colleague’s help, got in touch with Embrace Grace. The women gave me the confidence to not just be a mom but to be a “super mom.” I was showered with constant love and support, and they threw me a baby shower toward the end of my pregnancy. I wasn’t alone, and had the love and support of this beautiful community that lifted me up, empowered me, and changed my life forever. I now live in a beautiful apartment and own my own business. I couldn’t have ever imagined that God would save me by sending me my son, but that is exactly what happened. My son, Jasen, who I once contemplated aborting, literally saved me and rekindled all my dreams. Our story is far from over.

Start a Group in Your Community Today

Embrace Grace exists to make sure that no woman is left dealing with pregnancy alone. We also have a support group for single fathers. Our support groups are connected to local churches throughout the country and have helped more than 9,000 moms and single dads keep their children and their lives. You can start a group for single dads, single moms, or pregnant moms in your own community, and we will provide you with everything you need. There are no upfront costs, and we provide the curriculum, the tools, and the team to help your church change the lives of single parents in your community. Reach out to us to get started today.