Unplanned Pregnancy Support Group in Mayflower

Embrace Grace at Living Truth

For Single and Pregnant Women

Meetings are held at: 99 Highway 89 North Mayflower, Arkansas 72106

On Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Led by Kalen Crain kalennicole3@gmail.com (501) 837-9267

Unplanned Pregnancy Support Group in Mayflower, AR

Single pregnant women facing unplanned pregnancies need each other, which is why joining an unplanned pregnancy support group is so vital. When a mom-to-be is surrounded by women who have been in similar situations, the love and guidance they can receive are priceless. That love has the power to change the world forever for the better by saving not one life but two! By joining an unplanned pregnancy support group in Mayflower, single moms can find the hope, resources, and strength they need to love their lives and their babies. An unplanned pregnancy can create an enormous array of emotions. If you don’t surround yourself with the right people, it’s all too easy to turn to negative feelings like hopelessness and despair. But when a single mom becomes a member of an unplanned pregnancy support group, she is empowered and encouraged by the support of other moms. This support helps her believe in herself, her baby, and her power to triumph. Being a member of an Embrace Grace pregnancy support group in Mayflower can make a world of difference by providing single pregnant moms with the strength and support they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their babies. When women support other women, it creates powerful connections that can last forever!

Support for Pregnant Moms — The Struggles of an Unexpected Pregnancy

Supporting single moms facing an unintended pregnancy should be a priority everywhere; in Mayflower, Arkansas, Living Truth Church believes in the importance of showering them with the love and light of the Lord, helping them to see the hope He has in store for them in His grace.

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re not alone; almost half of all pregnancies worldwide are unintended. If you or someone you know is unexpectedly pregnant, know that there’s hope with Embrace Grace!

Ready to Join?

Embrace Grace in Mayflower, Arkansas, meets at Living Truth Church (99 Highway 89 in North Mayflower). It’s a group for single and pregnant women and meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

If you’re interested in joining Embrace Grace or you would like more information, reach out to Kalen Crain, who leads the meetings. She can be reached via email at kalennicole3@gmail.com or by phone at (501) 837-9267.

About Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace is a collection of support groups around the nation for women experiencing unintended pregnancies. Embrace Grace works to inspire and support churches in their endeavor to lift pregnant and single women and their families up through love.

This single mom support group in Mayflower offers the kind of physical, emotional, and spiritual support that moms need to be strong and heal as they build resistance to the struggles of an unplanned pregnancy. Embrace Grace is pro-life and strives to create a safe place at churches where every mom with an unplanned pregnancy can go to stand up to her fears and find God’s love.