Unplanned Pregnancy Support Group in Indiana

Embrace Grace at Summit Church, PA

For Single and Pregnant Women

Meetings are held at: Summit Church 2707 West Pike Road Indiana, Pennsylvania 15701

On Monday at 7:00 PM

Led by Heather McMullen mcmullenmama@gmail.com (512) 565-9084

Unplanned Pregnancy Support Group in Indiana

An unplanned pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience. But single women facing unexpected pregnancies can thrive and grow with the right support and resources, along with plenty of encouragement and understanding. If you are facing an unintended pregnancy, you are not alone. Embrace Grace is a support group for single women with unplanned pregnancies. We offer love and support to empower women to help themselves and their babies. Our support group meetings take place regularly in churches that welcome single pregnant moms into the Lord’s love with open arms. Our meetings create safe spaces for women to share stories, ask the tough questions, and connect with other women who have made the same journey. Embrace Grace is proud to be a leading unplanned pregnancy support group in Indiana.

How to Join

If you’re a single pregnant woman who is unintentionally pregnant, we urge you to reach out to us and join Embrace Grace. Our meetings are held in churches throughout Indiana, and we’ll help you find one that is nearest to you. When women join together and carry each other, they are never alone, which is Embrace Grace's purpose.

Join us in saving lives as we share God’s grace and love with women who need and deserve that support and so much more! The Embrace Grace support group meets at Summit Church on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. Join us at 2707 West Pike Road in Indiana, PA 15701. Our Embrace Grace support group for single and pregnant women is led by Heather McMullen.

Why Join Our Unplanned Pregnancy Support Group in Indiana?

Women with unplanned pregnancies can reap many benefits from joining Embrace Grace. When a woman walks through the door to a meeting for the first time, she may feel apprehensive and nervous. However, it all disappears as she is excitedly greeted and embraced by the support and guidance of moms who have found grace in each other during their pregnancies. One of the biggest challenges many women face during an unplanned pregnancy is feeling alone. Single pregnant women who join our group feel less alone because they meet other women who are going through similar experiences. When they join Embrace Grace, they are immediately less isolated and are instead surrounded by new friends. They have the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences as women in our support group share their stories and offer advice and encouragement to others in the group. This can be invaluable, helping women learn from the stories of other group members and leading them to make the healthiest decisions for themselves and their babies. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and join our support group, you’ll enjoy access to practical help and many services available to single pregnant women. These resources are designed to take some of the stress out of navigating the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. Women in our support group feel empowered! When women are surrounded by others who are supportive, they become empowered to make choices that will have positive outcomes for themselves and their babies.

Embrace Grace Support Group for Women with Unplanned Pregnancies

We know that every woman’s experience is different. Some women may be excited about their pregnancy, while others may be feeling scared or uncertain. We also know that there is no right or wrong way for a woman to feel.

Our group exists to offer support and guidance to help women through this time in their lives in the best way possible. While we meet at churches throughout Indiana, we welcome women of all faiths and backgrounds. Every woman deserves love and support, regardless of her circumstances.

We equip churches with everything they need to inspire, encourage,& care for single and pregnant women and their children. Our support group members lift each other up to give each other the courage and support system that is critical to helping them overcome challenges. Embrace Grace is a pro-life organization that exists to empower women to hope, thrive, and love their lives and their babies.

How Embrace Grace Support Groups Help Women

As women attend support group meetings, they are loved and discipled while they learn of the love of the Lord and the power they hold to follow a path of positivity and light. Members even receive a baby shower hosted by Embrace Grace to honor them and their babies, too! The gifts and love they receive remind them that they are truly never alone. When a single pregnant mom visits a pregnancy center in Indiana, she’ll receive information on how to attend an Embrace Grace support group meeting. She will also get a Love Box, which contains various useful items that remind her how special and loved she and her baby are. As she attends meetings, she will learn about the life that God has planned for her and her child as she receives support and encouragement from other group members. The guidance provided during meetings is always founded in love and is spiritual, practical, and emotional. All moms in our support groups receive what they need to embrace their new life and thrive, despite the challenges an unplanned pregnancy can bring.