LEAD: How can I start an Embrace Grace or Embrace Life group in my own church?

Leading a group at your local church is an easy process. Check out more information here: LEAD A GROUP

LEAD: I want to start an Embrace Grace through my pregnancy center, is that ok?

We require each group to operate under the covering of a church.  #1 To have the prayer support and work under the spiritual authority of a church. When you have girls that have deep issues that might be beyond your expertise, the church is a great resource of information of how to help her. #2 It helps the girls get comfortable to try church and hopefully inspires them to start making a habit of being a part of a spiritual family. #3 Once they finish the class, they can easily transition into the singles program or young adult programs at the church along with the other classmates. Our heart is for the church to work alongside the pregnancy centers, deepening community relationships between the two by referring young women to each other as well as working together in making a bigger impact in their city. 

LEAD: Can I get a copy of the curriculum to review and other information to present to my church for approval?

Of course. We can send you all of the tools you need to present before your church leadership for approval. We can send a sample chapter to you on request as well as a starter guide. Just fill out our LEAD A GROUP form and we can get you all the information you need.

LEAD: Are the programs a good fit for small churches and/or small towns?

Any size church can host an Embrace Grace or Embrace Life Group. There are churches that have as many as 20,000+ members to as little as 20 members. The same is true for small towns; Embrace Grace and Life has flourished in both large and small towns.

Just fill out our LEAD A GROUP form and we can get you all the information you need. 

LEAD: How much does it cost to host and lead a group at my church?

The cost of starting a group is very low with the average material costs around $35 or less per participant depending on group type. The events are 100% donated by the church body (the members) or people within your community. We love to inspire the "church" (me and you) to be the hands and feet of Jesus. When you incorporate everyone and allow the body of Christ to be a part of the giving, it will change the whole dynamic of your church. Giving and blessing others is FUN. 

LEAD: My church does not have an outreach budget and cannot afford the program. Do you have any financial assistance available?

If you have the approval from your church to host a group but they can't afford the curriculum and materials needed, we can review and possibly cover the costs for you. We just need a signed letter from your pastor on church letterhead requesting for us to cover financially and that the group is approved by leadership to move forward with assistance. We will prayerfully consider each church applicant submitted. 

Any other questions?

Just CONTACT US and ask!