Single Mom Support Groups

Single Mom Support Groups

Single Moms Shouldn't Have To Face Pregnancy Alone.

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Are you experencing an unexpected pregnancy? We know how scary it can feel but we want to let you know that you are not alone - and we can help.

Embrace Grace connects you with a judgment-free community who want to support you and cheer you on. We want you to know that you're not alone and you can have your baby and your dreams too. Join a support group today and meet with women who have walked in your shoes!

Want To Provide Help For Single Moms?

Do you want to help the women in your community be brave and choose life? At Embrace Grace we provide Biblically-based curriculum for churches to help men and women impacted by unplanned pregnancies. We have equipped over 4300 church members on how to start a Support Group, let us help you, too.

Kelsea’s Story

I followed God's calling and moved by faith four hours away for a job, and started an Embrace Life group in that community. It is different being a leader now, and God has used my story to encourage and help other single, young moms. He has opened my eyes and has allowed me to see these moms the way He sees them and I get to see His faithfulness and His promises come true for each single mom.

Are There Start Up Costs?

There are no start-up costs, membership fees or annual dues. Group Materials will be available to purchase once the no-cost Agreement Form has been processed.

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Is God tugging on your heart to help get this started at your church? Let us help you get started today!