Wired for Freedom with Sarah Elson July 24, 2017

We are WIRED FOR FREEDOM and Sarah's story reminds us so clearly how God has placed His spirit inside of us so we can walk in authority and victory! We love overcomer stories and Sarah is one of our favorites!

For 13 years Sarah battled self-injury. Labeled as a “good Christian girl,” she still felt worthless, ugly, crazy and alone. One night, she SHARED HER STORY with a young girl and her life was forever CHANGED. This girl shared the same struggle — she WASN'T ALONE! God began to heal and EMPOWER Sarah through her testimony, but it wasn’t enough for her to stop hurting myself. She needed an outlet.

Learning to crochet helped her develop patience with herself. Not long after, she discovered using wire as art and embarked on her JOURNEY with Wired for Freedom. Naturally, she used herself as a model for her jewelry creations and soon started receiving custom orders. She began to find VALUE in herself but often thought of quitting. As her gift developed, she went for it, and Wired for Freedom (wf) was created. As a designer, she has an outlet for self-expression through the creation of custom pieces, which also allows customers the same experience. Though once terrified to share her story, she now does so nearly every day. Today, she thanks GOD for setting her FREE and continues to use hdf hands to CREATE instead of destroy. She has learned that through her story and art, she can help others become WIRED FOR FREEDOM. 

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** Stay tuned for an Embrace Grace exclusive line coming soon!