Love Box

Love Box

"My Love Box saved my baby. Embrace Grace saved me."  - Madeline M.



 What if one box could save two lives?

We want to help save babies and help moms find a place of belonging within the church. These boxes are a tool that is distributed to pregnancy centers nationwide to inspire hope and impart love to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy that may be scared for her future.

The best way to get Involved in the Love Box Initiative

Sponsor a Box

The best way to get involved is by partnering financially with us. We are distributing free boxes to pregnancy centers around the nation but we need your financial help! For your gift of $15, you can help make sure a single new mom that just found out she is pregnant will receive a box and be encouraged! Sponsor 1, 10 or even 100!



Give a Box

Do you know someone personally that is single and pregnant and needs encouragement? You can buy a box for a friend online and have it shipped to you for you to give, or you can put in the recipient's shipping address and we will ship it directly to them! 



Host an Outreach Event 

Rally together your church members, friends, or co-workers, for a pro-love cause and assemble Love Boxes at a Share the Love Event!

Host a Share the Love!

"My box made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Like there was finally hope. I read A Bump in Life, that the box includes, and I couldn’t help but feel like Embrace Grace was for me. I was so excited for the Embrace Grace class to start at church! And now I have some amazing friends, a wonderful support system and hope - all because of that one small box." - Matison


Other ways to be involved … 

Write a Letter

One of the sweetest things about this box is that YOU get to be a part of it! YOU get to speak into the heart of a young woman that likely just found out she was pregnant just moments before. In every box, a Brave Girl hand-written letter is included. YOU can join in and write as many letters as you want that will be placed in boxes by the Embrace Grace team. If you would like to hand-write a Love Letter, simply click the button at the bottom of the page!


Steps to Write a Brave Girl Letter

  • Click the button at the bottom of the page to download your template
  • Print The Letter ( Make sure to check your Print Settings and set size to "Actual Size" or Custom Scale to "100%”, Set Orientation to "Auto Portrait or Landscape" or “Portrait")
  • Cut page in half and you have to letters!
  • Mail letters to Embrace Grace Headquarters at …  Embrace Grace c/o Love Box 700 W Bedford Euless Road, Ste. G Hurst, TX 76053