It’s harder to choose life when you feel like you’re all alone. We believe plugging single moms into a spiritual family and empowering the church to love scandalously, disciple strategically, and introduce women with unplanned pregnancies to the grace of Jesus Christ will save both the babies and the moms. We equip and empower churches to start Embrace Grace support groups around the nation and the world for women with unintended pregnancies. The best part is that 100% of the women that are in the program hear the gospel and we have a 36% new salvation rate and a lot of the rest make decisions to recommit their life to Christ.

We estimate that $25 a month helps train 1 church to love on hundreds of single and pregnant young women and their families.

We are helping women be brave and choose life.

When women know they are not alone, they feel empowered to choose life. Through Embrace Grace, no single mom walks alone. We are saving 2 lives at a time!