Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace

Start your own support group for single and pregnant young women at your home church! The Embraced by Grace curriculum is a powerful yet simple study on how God’s grace and love is never-ending, no matter what our past is and what we’re going through. It offers hope to the hopeless and broken hearted that have found themselves with an unintended pregnancy.

Chapters Include:


When we make the decision for our hearts to become vulnerable to Jesus, he can chisel away at the walls we have built up to protect ourselves. He can mend the hurts and wounds from our choices, from our past, and replace temporary bandages with lasting healing. When we open our most secret places to Him, He will inhabit our hearts and fill us with new life.


There is an enemy whose mission is to defeat us, fill us with lies that seem believable about our identity, our pregnancies, our circumstances. He uses fear tactics to distract us from the destiny God has for us. When we realize that many of our beliefs stem from the whisperer of lies, we have the ability to reject them, and embrace the real truth that is Jesus.


Our perception of ourselves, of others, of God, and others perception of us has the ability to define us. When we allow a perception other than God’s view of who we are to define who we are, we will never fully function in the calling and blessings God has designed for our life since birth. We must seek His design for our life and who He desires for us to be. Then we will find wise choices easier to make, and discover a greater satisfaction with our place in life and where we are headed.


Just as we have many expectations for babies within our wombs, we may also wonder about what lies ahead in our lives, as well. Like a farmer plants seeds and prepares his crops, awaiting harvest, God had placed within us every strength and trait we need to be the person He has called us to be. We do not need to worry, but wait with a hopeful expectation of the joys He is bringing us as we have opened our hearts and lives to Him.


Sometimes we spend years or maybe our entire lives believing lies the enemy has tried to convince us are true. When we begin reading God’s word and discover truth, a revelation happens within our minds and hearts. We become able to discern between our own voice, the voice of God, and the voice of the devil. We begin to denounce lies, and embrace truths without much effort, walking in greater freedom and revelation of truth.


God has a purpose for each and every life on the earth, before it even exists. There will be many temptations drawing us away from His purpose throughout life. As we draw nearer to God, open up to Him, and desire His plan for our lives and the lives of our children, we become convicted to live in a new way. We become less susceptible to temptation and distraction, and desiring worldly ways less. We are inspired and intrigued to fall more in love with Jesus and live for Him.


Vindication and forgiveness does not mean the person who has wronged you did nothing wrong. It means you are releasing the space in your heart they are controlling with the bitterness you feel for them or their actions. When we choose to forgive, we are really releasing ourselves to move forward, toward God’s desire for us. We are embracing freedom and allowing no wrong doing against us to chain us to a place of brokenness.


A true transformation takes place when we see God’s plan for us is good, we acknowledge some past decisions were wrong, repent, and embrace the new identity he is bringing forth in our lives. Change is a good thing when the Lord is changing us. When we enter fully into the transformation process God has for us, we enter like an egg, but blossom fully into a beautiful butterfly like creation.


Any obstacle; trial, difficult or poor decision we encounter is fully protected in the loving arms of our Savior. He is the leeway or slack we need in each moment when the tension of life stretches us. He is the power within us to achieve anything we may face. This help and power is His grace. It is powerful, constant, and more than enough for our need.

Once a group is approved, the curriculum also includes access to immediate downloads of the Embrace Grace Leader's Guide with tools and tips on how to host a successful group. It answers questions about leadership, the big Embrace Grace baby shower, Princess Day and much more! We are here to help you get started!

For more information, fill out our Lead A Group Form and an Embrace Grace representative will get back to you with details. We look forward in partnering together to make an impact with the pro-life movement. We are not just pro-life, we are PRO-LOVE!