Book - A Bump In Life

Book - A Bump In Life

Me? Pregnant? Now What?

When going through a personal struggle, there’s no better help than to receive hope from someone who once stood where you are standing now. For the single woman or young woman with an unplanned pregnancy, A Bump in Life will help anyone going through or connected with this situation move from feelings of loneliness, shame, and worry to the far more lasting joy that is God’s redemptive blessing of a child.

A Bump In Life

  • A hope-filled collection of real life stories by inspiring young girls from different backgrounds who all experienced God’s grace and redemption in their journeys through unplanned pregnancy.
  • Foreword from Dan Dean of popular award-winning Christian music group Phillips, Craig & Dean.
  • An excellent source of encouragement for individuals going through a crisis pregnancy and for related support groups, family and friends.


"My mom was encouraged to abort her first baby due to major health concerns, she chose life. I am glad she did cause I wouldn't have been able to be born and live out the calling God has on my life. Wherever you find your story- hold onto Jesus and trust that He'll walk you through this season because the little life inside of you wants to impact this world for Jesus. 'A Bump in Life' will give you hope to walk this out!"

Kari Jobe, Worship Leader, Artist, Songwriter

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A Bump in Life Study Guide

Being a single or young mom is not your identity or label, it's a season you're in. Embrace and find joy in your season! 

Whether you just recently found out you're unexpectedly expecting or you're a mom that is unexpectedly single, God is not surprised. He created you, loves you deeply, and is so full of mercy. You may feel like you've had some bumps in life, but God is with you every step of the way. In A Bump in Life Study Guide, you will be encouraged and empowered to walk in the authority that you have been given as a child of God. You will learn how you're not a victim but an overcomer and wherever you are going, God has already paved the way. When we hear, believe and obey His voice, He will give us wisdom to help navigate through the "bumps." 

You are God's masterpiece and you are a reason to celebrate! Come discover how to live as a priceless daughter of a Heavenly Father that adores you! 

"Wow! I LOVE the Bump in Life Study Guide so much! It is full of excellent, relevant topics for the girls that we serve. I especially love the identity, relationship and spiritual sections. Amy, the story you included about Erin, the mom dying of cancer, and how she recorded videos for her daughter to give to her after she died, and then how you tied that to Our Heavenly Father giving us His Word (a love letter), was so powerful. I was in tears reading it! Thank you for writing such a beautiful, heartwarming book! It really blessed me, and I can't wait to incorporate it at the pregnancy center as we launch a mentoring program this month, as well as in our EG group this fall."

Holly Tate, Client Service Director, Arlington Pregnancy Center

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