Embrace Grace, Inc has 2 amazing curriculum programs to help mothers with unplanned pregnancies:

Embrace Grace: Embrace Grace is a one semester program offering a support system, providing spiritual, emotional and physical support for single, young women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. The Embrace Grace DVD curriculum paired with the Embraced by Grace Study Guide conveys the heart of God through simple, yet powerful lessons about God’s love and grace for each of us. Whether a single, young woman with an unplanned pregnancy was raised in church or has never heard the message and hope of Jesus, she will encounter God in a way she never has before.

The DVD curriculum is illuminated through a relational style teaching, sure to hold the attention of attendees and leaders alike. Even the beautiful set details have been thoughtfully designed with the comfort and interest of viewers in mind. Every teaching invites the audience in over coffee with our very own national Embrace Grace leaders. Beautifully woven thoughts from pastors, pregnancy center directors, authors and counselors throughout provide different perspectives and stories on each topic discussed. Each chapter includes a real-life testimonial from an Embrace Grace alumni member sharing her story as it pertains to the chapter in an authentic and relatable way.

The Embraced by Grace Study Guide for every attendee is the perfect interactive companion to the DVD curriculum. Included within its pages are areas for each participant to write her deepest, most private thoughts, as well as fun hopes and dreams for her baby and herself. Each Study Guide is a treasure for every participant to keep forever, as a beautiful memory of what God did in her life through the Embrace Grace program.

When churches lead an Embrace Grace group they receive:

  • Embrace Grace DVD Curriculum Teaching
  • Leader's Guide
  • Groups Leader Coaching and Training 

Each participant receives:

  • Embraced by Grace Study Guide
  • Chain Bracelet
  • Tiara

For a detailed chapter overview of Embrace Grace program, check out our curriculum page.

Embrace Life: The two semester Embrace Life program is designed to offer support and community for single, young moms. They are encouraged to bravely and boldly launch into the purpose and adventure God has for their lives. Presented with the truth that God cares about every spiritual and practical detail of their lives, they can navigate every detour and victory resting in the provision of God. They can view every circumstance as an opportunity to share their unique, God-given gifts and stories with the world around them—leaving a legacy of bravery, hope and adventure for their children and grandchildren!

This DVD curriculum is engaging, encouraging and every minute is full of captivating truth for attendees as well as leaders. Young, single moms will grow through teachings about spiritual topics, as well as discover God’s heart for practical topics. Each week they will hear teachings from Embrace Life leaders, testimonies from Embrace Life alumni and women who have adventured with God throughout their own single-motherhood, as well as power-packed perspectives on each topic from pastors, counselors, business leaders, and specialists in their respective fields! From the intricate set details to every word spoken, the curriculum has been designed to invite every young, single mom into an authentic, beautiful encounter with God.

Embrace Life DVD Curriculum paired with an interactive Embrace Life Study Guide for each participant, presents single, young moms a life and legacy changing opportunity to discover how deeply God cares about every aspect of their lives. No matter the background of a single, young mom, or whether she went through the Embrace Grace program or not she can view her circumstances in a new, empowering way, truly embracing her adventurous life with Jesus through the Embrace Life program!

When churches lead an Embrace Life group they receive: 

  • Embrace Life DVD Curriculum
  • Leader's Guide
  • Groups Leader Coaching and Training

Each participant receives: 

  • Embrace Life Study Guide
  • Hearing God Journal (Semester A)
  • Adventure Day Journal (Semester A)
  • Future Husband Prayer Journal (Semester B)
  • Adventure Day Necklace (Semester B)
  • And more!

For a detailed chapter overview of Embrace Life program, check out our curriculum page.