Transition May 03, 2017 • Written by: Salina Duffy

New things are blossoming this Spring! A time of transition has come. The Brand New Embrace Grace Mobile App launched last week and we are so excited about the beautiful ways we can connect with you, heart to heart! Since the new addition of our app, we are moving forward and will be ending the weekly blog posts. We have loved every moment of writing, sharing hearts and fresh words and glory stories!

Here at Embrace Grace, we are always thinking about how we can not only equip leaders around the nation to love on young women with unplanned pregnancies but are also continually producing tools and resources to help them inspire these moms to pursue Jesus with all of their hearts.

We are so excited to announce that we have launched a


At your fingertips, you can now: 

• Be inspired by short daily devotionals that dive into scripture

• Post prayer requests, praise reports and testimonies

• Quickly access our weekly podcasts and great videos

• Keep up with what God is doing in Embrace Grace all over the nation!

This app is for not just for Embrace Grace moms and leaders, but for EVERYONE and it's totally free! We hope that it encourages and inspires YOU in your walk with God. Download it today!

A word from Salina’s heart:

As I begin to write this last post, so many things are springing up in my heart to share! Last Spring I shared some exciting news about a new Dream sprouting up in my heart… Embrace Haven. Celebrating small beginnings. So many beautiful moments of wonder and spectacular things in the making. Dreaming, collaborating and planning sweet encounters for Mommies to experience Jesus. Creating a place and space for them to engage and embrace a haven especially for mommies, at the moment they need it most! A time for them to lounge and linger, look and listen, love and laugh, and beyond! Jesus is meeting these precious Mommies right where they are… they hear His heartbeat for them and it’s making an impact and moments so sweet they simply enjoy!

Just a glimpse of glory stories from Embrace Haven encounters:

  • One of the biggest impressions that Embrace Haven left on me was that we were “still” enough to hear God. Sometimes we can get so busy that we miss His still small voice. That night I heard God’s voice and I received healing from having to be “perfect.” I became the beautiful daughter that God saw in me and I no longer feel like I have to “be” someone I’m not. I believe this is just the beginning of what God is going to do at EH. There will be more healing, deliverances and restoration in many! Love you!
  • I was in labor and having contractions, but wanted to stay at Embrace Haven as long as I could before going to the hospital.  So I got on my knees and I told God "you know what, I will worship you no matter how much pain I'm in emotionally and physically and even if I don't see anything I will still worship you. A worship song "What a Beautiful Name it Is" by Hillsong starts playing; I have these butterflies in my stomach, I have these tears rolling down my face. And I'm sitting there like what the heck? I just felt like get on your knees. Worship me and see what I can do for you. So I got on my knees and for the first time in a long time I cried and I cried during a worship song. From that moment on that song was embedded in my heart. The night goes on we were talking about a focus bunny. Something to focus on while you’re in labor or just in general life to keep you going. I didn't know what mine was going to be YET. I end up having to leave because my contractions were so bad I could barely move. I go to bed that night and every time I woke up with a contraction the first thing my mouth sung was "what a beautiful name it is, nothing compares to this, what a beautiful name it is the name of Jesus" I didn't know why but that became my focus bunny. Worship became my focus bunny, when just years ago I hated worship. So the next morning I felt like it was time to Go get this baby out of me! And the whole time in my head I knew nothing was going to hurt me. All the fears I had the night before were gone. We get there and every needle that was stuck in me wasn't felt. Even the epidural. Everyone told me "this might hurt a little" "this might sting" but for some reason my mouth would just say "no it won't." And it didn't. I didn't feel ANYTHING. We get there at 7 and my little Miracle was born at 12:57. God gave me the easiest, quickest labor. I never thought that would happen. He healed me from being afraid. And he taught me to trust in him. Next thing you know the doctor comes in to tell me how to breast feed. In my heart I wanted to because I knew it was the healthiest for my baby, but I was scared …But nevertheless I did it and the moment my son latched on to my breast God healed me.
  • What I would truly love about Embrace Haven, I wouldn’t know until about a week later. After I had my baby, I was so in love but I also felt so in over my head. There was no break. No alone time. No one to watch my son while I took a hot bath, or took a nap, or read a book… this was all me. And I kept telling myself, I got this. I can do this…. But in doing this, I found myself with negative emotions… and even though I was doing my best to stay optimistic, I was fighting postpartum depression. I finally asked for help. I found myself wishing for another Embrace Haven. Embrace Haven gave me a chance to get away from the hustle of my worldly mom life… bills, stressing about my to-do list, the drama of my baby’s father, work stress. In Embrace Haven I was submerged in peace and love. Surrounded by women who feel what I feel… who believe what I believe… who need to know they’re doing great, just like I needed to know. I received a word meant just for me and I was able to stiff arm the devil for a day or 2 without fear or hesitation. Embrace Haven gave me a place of rest, reassurance, love and peace when I didn’t even realize I needed it. We wrote a letter to someone and we didn’t know who we were writing to… but when I received my letter it was everything I needed to hear. Encouragement, scripture and love… I took a magnet and put it on the inside of my door so I would also see it. I love that letter. I loved getting to meet and get to know my EG sisters that were in different semesters. It was so powerful!

More sweet encounters and moments to come… God is whispering His heart and sharing ideas and fresh new dreams daily! I am in awe! I am enjoying these moments, writing, dreaming and creating! So many more things to Imagine with Jesus! He keeps sharing to my heart that all the questions (how, when, where, etc…) and all the details and puzzle pieces He will reveal in time! So I am content and waiting on God to show me each step! This summer I will be creating an Instagram and more, so stay tuned for more & beyond!  

I can’t end this writing without sharing this special moment…. Recently I have been Imagining with Jesus and it has been out of this world, like heaven on earth, priceless, extraordinary moments…

in ordinary moments, I will simply ask Jesus to show me where He is, and I enter in and engage with Him. So many encounters with Him and countless stories from the Bible I am able to see Him interacting with His people, chosen ones! I also see Jesus in modern days too… like this one… Jesus is on a surfboard in the ocean, catching waves, wearing cool boardshorts, and he waves to me to come & join Him… whoa moments!

This one is my absolute favorite moment so far… I close my eyes and ask Jesus to show me where He is… and I see Him… as a beautiful baby… in His Mommies arms… Mary is holding him in a sweet embrace. She smiles at me. Then baby Jesus looks at me and says these words… do you want to hold me? I am blown away! I say yes Jesus, you know how much I love babies and I would love to hold you Jesus as a baby! I reach down, touch Mary’s arms to hold and embrace Jesus. Extraordinary. Breathtaking moment in time. I savor every second. I love when Jesus holds me in His arms and tells me everything is going to be okay, but for me to be able to hold Jesus…. Wow, it was beyond words!  

Okay, and last story I simply have to share too… I had a dream recently. I was holding a sweet little boy named Baby Haven in arms. We were standing close to a big window. He is a tiny infant. With his little fingers, he writes the words BE HAPPY! I am blown away and stand amazed that in my dream, a baby can write on the window with his tiny fingers… May you BE HAPPY in all your days! Jesus has beautiful dreams, plans, adventures especially for you! This is just the beginning… the BEST is YET to COME!

I love you with all my heart!

Love, Salina 

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