Perspective March 15, 2017 • Written by: Embrace Grace Bloom

At Embrace Grace we are able to meet so many amazing girls with such big loving hearts. The girls that always leave me speechless are those who choose adoption for their little ones. This young mama is so sweet and love her heart and story! Enjoy! 

 I’ve been living my life after Parker’s adoption as though it was a second chance at making my life the way that I have always dreamed it would go. My life now would have never happened had I not had Parker in my life. It was a wake up call that I so desperately needed, it was a second chance from God showing me that my current life path wasn’t the path I needed to be on. It wasn’t a path that had any potential at the end. Finding out I was pregnant was heartbreaking but also in a weird way a relief. I knew I had to give up my lifestyle and I badly needed something drastic to happen to set my life straight.

During my pregnancy I grew very strong in my faith and felt so close to God. Every prayer I had was so clearly answered…not always in the way I wanted but I heard so clearly that it was what God had planned. My whole pregnancy, the people I met, the messages I got, how visible God had been brings Goosebumps to me. It’s awesome how God’s plan was so cleverly put into action. I love everything about my adoption story and how it is shaping the person I am now.

I have changed so much from 24 year old me to 26 year old me. I would never go back to the person I was then. Frankly I’m embarrassed by how I was back in the day. The things I did and the things I said showed how rude and selfish I was. It’s just embarrassing. My life now is something I always wanted but never thought I could achieve. I love the quotes that says, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”  it spoke to me. There are so many things I want to accomplish but never thought that I could achieve them. So this is my life living with no regrets, living my second chance at doing what God has called me to do, doing what makes me happy.


What an incredible view on life this beautiful bloom has. I wonder how our own lives would change if we lived with the same perspective. What’s your second chance moment?