Love YOU to the Moon and Back April 19, 2017 • Written by: Salina Duffy

I love you to the moon and back again to infinity & beyond forever and ever… and ever!

I look up at your macro-skies, dark and enormous, your handmade sky jewelry moon and stars mounted in their settings. Psalm 8:3

Ask for a sign from your God. Ask anything. Be extravagant. Ask for the moon! Isaiah 7:10-11

The moon is so spectacular! The moon is the brightest object in the night sky and the closest celestial body. The moon is @ 252,088 miles from Earth. Apollo missions took about 3 days to reach the moon. Quickest trip to the moon was the New Horizons Probe- it zipped past the moon in just 8 hours & 35 minutes.

I love to IMAGINE!

Take a moment, to create a moment.

If you could imagine yourself on an adventure to the moon… what would that look like? What do you see first? The stars, the moon? Would the moon be crescent shape or full? How do you get to the moon and back? On an airplane? A rocketship? Or do you simply sprout wings and fly?

Allow the creative process to begin in your mind’s eye… a moment of wonder emerges.

One morning during my sweet time with Jesus, I closed my eyes and first saw the Dreamworks logo and the image of the little boy fishing on the moon, clouds surrounding him. I opened my eyes and closed them again. This time, I was on the crescent moon, leaning back against the moon arch and felt such a sense of wonder and awe!

I savored the moments and then began to see myself with lots of glitter and began to pour and sprinkle the glitter & moondust from the moon to earth.

It was an extraordinary moment and God loves to imagine and dream with you! He speaks to each of us uniquely and it’s so special!

Some of us may enjoy nature, a song, or signs and wonders speak so vividly to your heart too.

Embrace. Enhance. Celebrate your uniqueness! Be creative. Imagine. Just let go and let God take you on an Adventure and Beautiful journey. Enjoy the ride.

Dreamworks logo (a boy fishing on the moon and clouds surrounding him) all came about through the imagination of Steven Spielberg. He wanted a logo to remind people of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Dreamworks is nostalgic, it speaks to the inner child in everyone.

So today, and the days to come, open your eyes and imagination to the beauty and wonder all around you.

The beauty in your precious babies face and adorable smile. Capture the moments. Treasure every I love you! Your little ones hands reaching out for your hands to hold them in a sweet embrace… this is what life is all about. Sharing love. Giving love. Being love. The sweetest sentiments and glimpses of glory on Earth.

It’s captivating. Radiating. And so inspiring!

The song Close to You by the Carpenters has been on my heart all day. I love these precious words…

Why do birds suddenly appear every time, you are near? Just like me, they long to be close to you. Why do stars fall off from the sky every time you walk by? Just like me, they long to be close to you. On the day that you were born the angels got together, they decided to create a dream come true. So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair and put a starlight in your eyes so blue… The Carpenters

Last night Gateway Church celebrated our 18th Semester Embrace Grace Baby Shower! Moon and twinkle twinkle little stars décor filled the sanctuary. Blooms and babies were showered with love and grace and loads of gifts! Glimpses of glory filled every heart! Sweet tears filled eyes as they soaked every moment in… so above and beyond! Blooms, families, friends and all were blown away by all the love and grace! So in awe of the beauty, wonder and life that we are able to celebrate and cheer and encourage with hope and inspiration! Love to love!

I love all of you to the moon and back!