Stephanie Paradise

Stephanie Paradise Office Administrator

Areas of Ministry: Speaking life and love over my family and others

Family: My husband Derek and two boys Jonathan and Preston

Saved: I was saved when I was 7 but did not know the true meaning of God's love until I went through Embrace Grace and HE showed me HIS love through my baby


Musical Artists: Bethel, Hillsong and Britney Spears

Movie: Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 and Baby Mama

Book: Satan Can't Steal My Joy and Captivating

Food: Nana's Pea Salad

Snack Food: Nana's Banana Pudding and Dark Chocolate

Drink: LaCroix and Nana's Sweet Tea

Flower: Peonies and Cabbage Rose

Place to be: At home with my family playing games or cooking out!

Place to Pray: In my car

Season: Summer

Time of Day: After the kids go to bed, but not too late where I regret staying up late the next day

Recreational Activities: Softball or at the hockey rink with my boys

Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11, this verse was spoken to me in a dream by God over my family

Joys of My Life: Spending time with my husband and kids and being around my friends

Prayer: For my story to touch lives and bring more people to God

My Hero: My husband not only because he is a first responder, but because he has shown me how to trust in the Lord when things are tough

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